Rafting: Rafting is a sport that is performed over rivers with high flow rate in the boats called "raft." Aim is to direct the rafting boat through the rocks and obstacles in line with commands of the professional raft guide. Rafting is a team activity and success can be achieved only by really being a "team." For this, all crew must pull their paddles in harmony according to the commands.

Trekking: Trekking is a common name given to the walks in the nature. This sportive activity, performed to go from a point to another point in the nature, doesn't require special abilities. Healthy people at all ages can participate in these activities. Trekking can be performed in all seasons. Courses may last a few hours, but also a few weeks, or even months.

Abseiling: It's an exciting landing activity performed from a specified height on a rope via technical climbing equipment such as harness, carabiner, etc. Two security precautions are taken; the rope that passes through the harness worn by the adventurer is fixed on a rock, tree or bolt. We perform abseiling activity on the upright walls of Atılgan Canyon.

Canyoning: Canyoning is one of most exciting and entertaining outdoor sports, yet it is so exhaustive. But satisfaction and the pride of being successful worth everything at the end. Canyoning is a real challenge. In simple terms, it can be summarized as passing through the canyon with various techniques. You will pass the narrow and deep waterbed by walking or swimming and mostly by landing with the help of ropes and other technical equipment from the waterfalls or diving into the natural ponds from rocks from meters height.

Kayaking: River kayak is a paddle sport performed on a river with high flow rate just like rafting. The difference of it from rafting that is a group activity is that there is no guide in your kayak. Kayak is completely under your control and this is why this activity is so exciting and entertaining. Double inflatable kayaks have smaller dimension in comparison with big boats for 8-10 passengers. This means that when you get on a smaller and lighter kayak, your face levels with the waves and you feel as if you sit on the water.

Night Rafting: It's the rafting activity performed in the darkness of the night. Only the sound of the waves will break the silence of the night. In this tour, performed during night without the help of lamps and flashes but only the moonlight, rafting excitement and the mystery of the night.

Gorge Walk : Gorge Walk is a canyoning activity in one sense but, as its name implies, it is relatively less tiring sport that proceeds as tracking. Atılgan Canyon where the activities are performed is a short but extremely beautiful passageway. Swimming under its small waterfalls and in its natural ponds gives the participants a great charge. Atılgan Canyon's water that is hotter than the normal when compared to very cold spring waters in the main canyon creates a natural hot tub environment.

High Ropes : Adventure Park is a compact activity center that consists of lower and higher rope courses. Throughout the three-layer course from the easy activities to the hard ones, 17 different activities give the participants exciting times. All participants are equipped with safety equipment during the activities. Also, our professional guides always accompany through the activities. Climbing wall within the park allows the participants push their limits with 7 different difficulty levels.

Archery : Archery is one of the oldest sports in human history for which not only the physical but also the mental focusing is necessary. Archery is a very useful and entertaining activity for lots of purposes such as gathering attention and keeping long-period concentration, improving mental thought and physical movements positively, developing the ability of seeing details, learning to work patiently.